Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

Homemade Bookmark!

And Easy and fun way to make your own Bookmarks at home… and whats better?? You can make it out of all the useless things in your house…

What you need –
Old greeting card or invitation ( if you have the envelop as well its better )
Old magazines
A ribbon / wool
Fancy stickers ( you can skip this)

Cut the greeting card and the envelop in a shape / size you want your Bookmark to be….

You can stick the sides which are printed together so you get two blank sides on the either side of the paper… it also makes the bookmark strong

You should get something like this

Cut out shapes or designs from the magazine… you can use the colorful papers which you find in magazines. 

Or else you can cut out your name from the magazine…

Now go wild and stick the designs, shapes, your name etc on the bookmark

Take  a woolen string or a ribbon

Use a paper punching machine and punch a hole on the top of the bookmark... use a ribbon or a wool and tie it up through the hole… Decorate with stars or hearts or fancy stickers if you wish...

Annndddd there you go… your Bookmark is ready :D
Happy Reading!