Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

The bestest shopping place in Mumbai

I am a big fan of the accessories you get to buy in Mumbai’s local train and in all those small shops which you are bound to miss out on. I have a few things picked up from all these small shops and local trains, and they are as cheap as 20bucks.  Some of the accessories we get to buy in those big big malls are so costly that you have to think twice before buying it and they are so small and delicate that I usually misplace them within a month, and if you fall in this league as well then these train accessories are just for you, you don’t have to bother about they getting misplaced and you can always have loads of accessories to match with your outfit 

These are some which I got in the local train for 10bucks each J

I love this one the most… love those little butterflies in there. I had one with little heart in it as well, misplaced it butL

Got this off Sobo Central, Ahemdabad. They are for `75/- but I really liked them. They are named as “Tribal range” something.

Something in Silver

Got this from Ahemdabad Kite flying festival  For `10/-

Got this just yesterday in a local train  for `20/-

These biggg earrings do look good sometimes, on traditional wear, or with a kurti.

Jhumkas from Law Garden, Ahemdabad. She initially told me  `500/-  for them, then after bargaining it bagged it for `100/- J

Got them yesterday along with the one I posted above… same price `20/-  I liked them for daily wear. It can be matched with almost everything.

Coming now to Bangles, Kadas… I am not much of a bracelet person always found it way too delicate for me to handle.

Starting from the right – Golden with little design on it for `50/-  from local train J
The second golden and brown from Bhuleshwar, Girgaun fro ` 250/-
The small silver one for `75/- from Bhuleshwar,Girgaun

Got all 3 from Rajkot, Gujrat for a total of  `275/-

These are just local buys, shouldn’t be much costly say `50/- for 4 of them.

These are my most FAVORITE, they look heavy but are really not. You don’t have to wear loads of bangles, just one of these is enough. You can wear it at some family function.
The golden is for `200/-  and the silver one is for `100/-  from Bhuleshwar, Girgaun.

This is a gift. J

So to sum up the whole post, the best shopping places are the ones which are generally neglected.. like the Local Trains, The shops at the very end of the lane etc J we don’t always need to go to Fashion Street, or Linking Road or Hill Road. There are some other places in Mumbai where you get a very good bargain.


  1. All this accessories are beautiful, i was in delhi last year and i bought some hearings from sarojini nagar that is best shopping place in delhi for all kind of things, but here in mumbai i prefer Luxury Shopping malls for shopping of all branded cloths and accessories.


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