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Bollywood Remakes

       With the new trend of movie remakes that’s going on in Bollywood these days.. question such as the justice done to the old movies or that if it’s the right thing to do etc etc come up.. If you ask me .. my answer is whats wrong in remaking a movie?? I mean you are making it clear that it’s a remake that you are remaking the movie and making it more apt for the modern age..why should there be any controversy about it?? Its not like you are copying it and then not giving the original movie any credit.
        Don was initially made when I was not even born and I never really saw the movie, ofcourse I was aware that its an awesome movie and a must watch but somehow maybe due to the generation gap or I didn’t want to watch old movie I never saw it.. same thing with sholay (I still haven’t watched sholay in one go, always saw it in bits and parts) it happens because those movie never connected to me. But when Ram Gopal Verma ki AAG was due release I had this sudden desire to watch the original sholay, and then RGV ki Aag failed miserably that just supported the fact that sholay is an all time classic. Same with Don, I had never seen the original Don but I was super excited to watch Farhan Akhtar’s Don because it connected to me.. being a sharukh fan I was all set to watch it first day first show.. and now same will happen with Agneepath.. I am already downloading the original Agneepath so that I know if I should appreciate or criticize the new Agneepath.
         But all said and done, I am always for the Remakes of the movie… sometimes I wonder that my kids wont grow up with cartoons like Tom and Jerry or noddy or mickey and Donald or duck tales or our Disney princess snow white, Cinderella, rapunzell etc…and it upsets the hell out of me.. but if they remake it and make it more apt for the generation next maybe they’ll like it maybe they will grow up with just the right cartoons and bed time stories and not the silly dhishum dhishum cartoons they watch these days or the video games they are addicted to these days


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