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Flash Mob at CST Station

"Rang De Basanti" song started playing at CST railway station.. and a girl just started dancing to the tune and before we know it 100s of people joined in and danced for four and a half minute.  This is such a novel idea just dancing together with people who you don't know personally but maybe share the same 5.33pm thane fast. Also this Flash Mob concept shows that anything can happen in Mumbai... also the bonding that can be seen between the citizens is really needed. Sometimes when everything is just routine and no extra spice to it we tend to start cribbing about each and everything around but something like this that happens really just makes you feel good inside though i wasn't there for the dance but just looking at this video makes me feel good, at one point of time i also had tears in my eye :) ... it somehow shows me that little bit of Mumbai Spirit which i had  criticized a bit in my previous blog post and honestly i somehow am sad about the fact that i was no where attached to any of this. 

I am a die hard bollywood movie fan, and you see these kind of things in Karan Johar movies, where the hero / heroine starts singing about her new found love and starts dancing and everyone just somehow joins in and everything looks so sweet and goodie good..i always wondered does this really happen? I mean 100s of people dancing together on the road except of Ganpati Visarjan, Holi and when India wins the World Cup. And this incident is just picked out from my dream also the song is very close to we... i just freaking wish i was there!!!! 

I also want to thank all those people who did this Flash Mob, its real hardwork guys to do so much and also get the permission for all this... and you guys did a wonderful job :)


  1. Hi
    I love mumbai and for that I have already planned a week to spend there. Love the helping nature of the people and discipline they maintain.

  2. This is amazing!

    I so wish i was in Mumbai!!!

  3. Flash mob at Mumbai was hit though a flop in Delhi. But I am not sure if any permission is needed beforehand for this

  4. This is a very good example of unity.... I remember the words of OBAMA, yes we will n yes we can....
    I will also love to join this group....


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