When Did We Stop Thinking?

Police Never On Time!!!

So today i was waiting for a cab near a bus stop when a lady came to me and asked me if i had forgotten my purse at the bus stop.. i denied! she then said that, there is a purse in a plastic bag kept beneath the bus stop seat...

she then asked if we should touch it or call the police and inform them.. she mentioned the recent bomb blast which happened at Kabutar Khana, Dadar. which even hit a nerve inside me. i said that its better call police and not touch it. we looked around no police officer around, so we went to check around the corner to see if anyone is there, no police. we finally called 100 and told them about the bag, the police said that they will be there in a while. Thing is no one arrived ... after sometime both of us left. There is no bomb blast news yet on the TV so definitely what we found was just a normal bag.

But my point here is this, that if incase it really had some explosive and the police doesn't come on time, can you imagine the horrors that can cause. Does the police or ambulance or fire brigade reach on time ever??? I mean cool in hindi movies all this is acceptable as the hero gets more time to dhishum dhishum the goons and win over the heroine. But in real life that is hardly the case, we recently witnessed the Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandes murder case,  think had the police or ambulance come on time we could have saved their lifes.


  1. True. The police are never on time. but lets also acknowledge that they are overworked and understaffed. I guess, govt needs to step in and find a solution now. before its too late.
    Purvesh Gada


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