When Did We Stop Thinking?

The Murder Of Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandes

The news of Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandes's murder sent chills down my spine, especially for the news that it happened in Mumbai. I generally refer to Mumbai as a very safe and sound city with some bad elements but  the power of good elements taking over the bad. But something like this, i never imagined in my wildest dreams. 

10.30pm is not very late for the city which never sleeps, and Andheri is not an isolated place infact its a hub for  youngsters at night, with awesome food joints available, pubs, clubs etc. I myself have hung out at these places at night, my profession is such that i have to travel late nights in the train.. and sometimes at 1am  i am the only one travelling along with some other late night travelers.. now with such things happening am i to take the conclusion that i cant travel alone at night? oh to hell with me.. what about the million other women who are working in call centers and  MNCs where they have to work late night? Is the city which never sleeps to function without women working at night? another thing which pops in my mind is.. if someday something like this happens to me, am i to stop my friends from helping me? am i to just quietly accept all the teasing without voicing a word or calling for help, because if i do its gonna cost them their life? another thing.. if you see someone getting molested on the street what will you do?? help her or just turn a blind eye because you know that helping her will cost you your life?

The record and the witnesses say that there were 13 people who came with swords and knifes... and police only got 4 to 5 people in their hand.. where are the others? disappeared??? the person who started everything Rana, who lives in Valimiki Nagar is sure that he will get off without any serious punishment, and he said this in public!!!!. Politicians from many parties were seen visiting Valmiki Nagar to meet the families of the accused and assured them that they will get JUSTICE! hello? excuse me?? what justice do they need? 

The reasons there is no serious punishment or that the other killers are free and that politicians are promising justice to the families of the accused is all because , Valmiki Nagar is a major vote bank, and the politicians cant let go of their votes. 

Keenan was stabbed in the stomach and died on the spot.. and Reuben was taken to hospital immediately, he was kept in ICCU and was unaware of Keenan's death...his condition was critical still the police forced entry under the pretense of interrogation during which Reuben realized about Keenan's death which was a blow to him. I dont really think the forced entry can be justified.. it was wrong! Reuben passed away on the 31st October after battling for life for a week. 

Priyanka, Keenan's girlfriend, who was teased that night said that she will fight against this.. and whatever keenan started she will end it.. she wont let 2 of her best friends death to go waste. and we really need people like her right now. 

Rana, the man who teased Priyanka already have 2 murder cases against him, how is it that he was freely roaming around and also killed 1 more person? and still saying publicly that he will be free in a few months time.

Our politicians have time for everything, from accusing one another.. to creating a scene out of nothing etc.. but when something serious like this happened which is practically threatening every female in the city they have run for their houses and sitting there quietly. 


  1. This is very sad and quite a shock. That it happened in a place such as Mumbai is a double disaster..... one could expect such things in a place like Delhi, but it is sad that Mumbai has to see the likes of these.

    I hope justice is done!

  2. I am not expecting much from judiciary system,or ministers or police....priyadarshini Matt...Jessica all and hundred other such cases took decade long....its hard to accept that this happened in Mumbai though...

  3. our entire system is corrupt and useless.
    and damn all politicians, if this were some politician's son killed, would they have reacted in same manner?


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