When Did We Stop Thinking?

Media et Bollywood

          News channels and News papers generally are the mediums through which we make the common man aware of the happening in the society and around the world. Where the important news are published so that people get to know what is right and what is wrong.
          Ofcourse always reading the very serious news is not very exciting, that’s when Page 3 comes in, where news about your favorite celeb is published, their interviews and future projects etc etc.  But the problem arises when the personal space of the celeb is not taken care of by the journalists. It hardly matters what they are doing in their personal life, who they go out with or who they are dating or who broke up with whom. As a media person every journalist should keep in mind that the celebs are not public property to print anything about them. They also have a personal life, a personal space which should not be disturbed for no reason or rather for the sake of pure sadist pleasure.
          Instead of doing this in depth research on some film actress, wouldn’t it be better if they use the same skill and hard work to bring out the corrupt doings of some politician??
          Another problem is, when the whole essence of a newspaper is lost because of the increasing number of page 3 articles.  There are some news channels and news paper which are popular only because of their page 3 contents, which is really sad. But the thing is they use it as their strategy, they cook up some scandalizing story about them and create a bigger buzz about it.
          According to me, there should be a balance between the two, real news and the page 3 content.