Work On Love?

An Evening In Mumbai

She was in a hurry to get back home from work. Whole day had just tired her from all the energy and she would have dealt anything to just be in her bed.

She had decided not to take the train home as that clearly meant that she would have to stand all the way in the sea of people who travel to and fro everyday. So she took a bus which will take her half way back home from where she will have to catch another bus. She sat in the bus all relieved and ready to relax when her phone rang and she was called back to work because someone wanted to meet her. She went back!

Later she decided to take a rickshaw halfway and cab home from there. So she got in the rick sometime later the rickshaw wala tells her that the gas is less and she will have to get down at kandivli highway instead of goregao. As she got down at kandivli she saw bus approaching from behind which will take her to santacruz from where she will get a direct bus back home. She run's for the bus and in the process she falls down and hurts her toe and it starts bleeding she still makes it to the bus and then continue back home with a bleeding toe. Sometime later she spots an old friend a person she always wanted to meet for a long time now but everytime either of them was busy! But there was no time to meet ofcourse. She reaches santacruz gets other bus which will get her to dadar. As soon as she crosses bandra a cool gust of wind hits her and all her tiredness just vanishes.
As soon as she get down at dadar it starts raining heavily and she takes refuge at a friends place. It pours for about half and hour and she has to wait there till it slows down enough to get her back home.

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