When Did We Stop Thinking?

Miss you aaji!

Cool breeze just a little bit of sunshine with sparrows on her window sill and she on her sofa all alone and literally all alone, last night was a shocker of her life with her mom out of town and all her close by relatives who work and stay abroad she was all alone when she realised that something went terribly wrong...
The morning started with a nice talk with mom then she called up the maid and told her to take a off today as she was home the whole day and wanted to spend this one day away from work alone and of course with her grandmom At around 4.30 in the evening she went to give her aaji (grand mom) her evening tea, then around 6.30 when she just went to ask if she needed something, at first she thought she was sleeping so she called her twice, then she realized with a terrible shock what had happened! Her body went numb for a few minutes she just stood there and not understood anything, it was then a few minutes later did she realised what had happened. Before the panic came the realization that it was her aaji last wish to leave this world when she was alone with her only love!
It was then she decided that all the rituals and everything to be done should be done by her only!!!
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