Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

Aamir Khan and college???

i am watching dil chata hai now, was just wondering when i was in my primary school i used to sing "papa kehte hai" and say ill  be an astronaut when i grow up, aamir khan in that song had just graduated from college and was about step in the outer world.. and again when i went in secondary school, dil chata hai came.. where he was again in college enjoying his college life to the fullest!!! 

then at last when i was about to finish my school ie my 10th, did he finally finish his college as DJ in rang de basanti though he never left the campus.. and now when i am in COLLEGE, he again came back in 3 idiots.. 

what the hell is going on with aamir khan and college??? :O


  1. hehe.. true. But he does well in all the movies right? And all of his movies make sense, too.

  2. Aamir is best of our times, luv all his films

  3. hehehe.....yeahhh...nvr noticed but srsly !


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