Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

The Monsoon.

Aai ( I call my grandmother Aai) Please don`t send me to school today`s i wanna make paper boat and sail them in the puddles outside. this rain is so nice" I pleaded my grandmother to avoid me sending me to school. It was raining heavily since morning and I was in 2nd Std. All i wanted that day was to make paper boats and get drenched in rain. I continued convincing my grandma when at last she finally have in and allowed me to stay back. I was overjoyed i quickly took all old newspapers and made paper boats then went out to sail them in water accumulated in the compound. I played so much in rain. I even used to love shopping for the Monsoon. New rainy shoes and the bright coloured umbrellas and raincoats. Everything associated with it was so cute back then. But sadly i don see any kid enjoying all these things anymore. They don't like playing in the puddles or going out in the rain. They rather enjoy sitting back home playing on computers or watching television i am not saying that kids should always keep playing but at least don't spoil the essence of the season. Imagine the first shower and that sweet smell of earth sudden coolness after the may heat. And when you go out in a balcony with a cup of coffee in hand enjoy the rains and the you greenery on earth and cute kids playing .. That would be picture perfect.


  1. Making paper boats and playing with them in the rain, indeed, is one of the sweetest memories associated with childhood. It's really sad that most of the kids who belong to the generation younger than us miss out on such things.
    Looks like you are too busy and posted this too quickly ;)

  2. yeah what you said is correct ... but i went o my home town last weekend when it rained, i saw lotta kids dancing and rain and enjoying their paper boats... what i think is its the apartment culture, city culture which is the reason for change.

    So go to some small towns/or some areas where middle class people live.. u can find those scenes often...

  3. Very much true!!

    MAy be our kids have the most dull childhood

  4. i know, though in my colony kids are always out only

    but generally if you see...you find them inside only.. specially during the rains.. which is sad.

  5. well pooja seems like u r pretty right the world has changed a lot bt still i feel that part life about people enjoying nature is still alive though in minority.

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