When Did We Stop Thinking?

Its Time Now....

Its time now to awaken...
We will either find a way or make one.
Nothing is impossible if we try,
We will neithrlose heart, nor will we cry.

Crush all your doubts and make them even,
don't just stand there, make it happen!
The future is in our hands, lets make it happen,
the 'present' is a gift, lets take it.

life is nothing without a struggle,
just be honest and fight all your trouble.
clear your thoughts,have presence of mind,
keep all your tears and worries behind.

how long can we bear this grief and pain?
we can loose nothing, but we can surely gain.
lets have courage, lets make ourselves strong,
we hav to save the land to which we belong.

lets enlighten our soul, our body, our mind,
lets spread love, and peace we shall find.
we shall do only that what is right,
lets burn all evil inside, let there be light.

the strom will pass, the sun will peep,
we wont allow the darkness to creep.
its time now to awaken...
we will either find a way or make one.


  1. Hello Pooja,

    It comes a huge surprise to me. Its so impeccably written. Taken care of each and every word and the meaning of that of course.

    All the very best for all your write ups and keep this flame burning.

    Hats off to this superb diction...

  2. Hmm cool.. peom are harder to wirte than any other thng,..


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